[How to get started with the TP-Link Community]

[How to get started with the TP-Link Community]
[How to get started with the TP-Link Community]
2018-07-30 07:41:30 - last edited 2021-03-25 09:17:13

Welcome to TP-Link Community!

To make it easier for you to get started with the community, please read this guide for some help. It will show you to know how this community works.

Let’s check the structure of the Community. It’s not hard to find that there are four blocks in the community, Forums/Stories/Knowledge Base/User Center.


1. Forums

  • Omada Business Wi-Fi
  • Pharos Wireless Broadband
  • Switches & Routers
  • Requests & Suggestions
  • General Discussion

For different products, please post your question in the corresponding board.

Suggestions for TP-Link can go to Requests & Suggestions.

Questions do not belong to any other boards can go to General Discussion.


2. Stories

  • Business Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Broadband

We hope community members can share your own stories about TP-Link products here. What’s your network plan? Which product you have choose? And how did you install your devices? Or it can be anything you want to share with people about the TP-Link products case.

This is the place where we can share the skills, knowledge and experience to help others. The stories will be published to the corresponding boards after checked by Administrator.


3. Knowledge Base

  • Getting Started
  • Installation & Deployment
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Test Reviews.

We will publish all kinds of articles on the Knowledge Base regularly. Besides, some latest information about products or technology, firmware release note, even the installation videos can also be found here.


4. User Center

User Center is where you can check and edit your own information, like the Basic Info, My Posts,  My Follows and so on.


Read more here:

If you want to bind your original TP-Link Forum account to the new community, please refer to: https://community.tp-link.com/en/business/forum/topic/150015?page=1

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Re:[How to get started with the TP-Link Community]
2020-08-03 09:52:49

@TP-Link  Pretty useful information for a noobie Thank you very much.