Unable to access EAP Controller
Unable to access EAP Controller
Unable to access EAP Controller
2019-04-14 10:12:30
Model: EAP225-Outdoor
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:


I've just purchased the EAP225 outdoor and had it originally configured to use Facebook to login, but something went wrong, so I have reset bnoth the POE and EAP, but unable now to access the EAP Cpontroller to restart the configuration. 


When I try to log in I get a mesaage unknown username to my email, so when I try to reset the email I get the message below. Help.... can't move forward....  (PS new to using TP-link so bear with me) 




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Re:Unable to access EAP Controller
2019-04-14 14:15:39

Hi DigitalGerry,


From the screenshot we cna know that you forget the username and password of the Omada Controller, so you can't login to the managemnet of the Controller, and you want to re-config the password via the email. But the Controller tell you Email server is not set. 


Please note that if you want to use the "forget password", you should config the Mail Server first on the Controller Settings ----> General Settings, for how to config the Mail server, you can refer to page 124 of the following website:



By the way, if you want to manage the EAP225-outdoor by the Omada Controller, you can do it as the following steps:

1) Connect the EAP225-outdoor and the Controller host to a switch or a router;

2) Run the Omada Controller and you will see the EAP225-outdoor in the pending list;

3) Adopt the Omada Controller(the default username and password is admin/admin, if you forget it, you can reset the EAP225-outdoor then the EAP225-outdoor will be adopted by the Controller);

4) Config the Facebook portal on the Controller, then these configuration will be issued to the EAP.

Re:Re:Unable to access EAP Controller
2019-04-18 16:47:29


Thank you for this, but I have run it (I assume you mean run the software rtaher than re-install it? ) but i get the log-in screen. ...... I can;t get further

Re:Re:Re:Unable to access EAP Controller
2019-04-19 13:53:52





It is clearly that you forgot the username and password of the Controller. Here is a faq you can refer:



Re:Re:Re:Re:Unable to access EAP Controller
2019-04-21 08:14:06

Clearly, I have, but clearly, the system isn't wokring. I am NOT able to get past the screenshot I sent, no reset password comes back. 


Is there a way I can START again, with a different email as this is not getting any further. 


How do I set up the EAP as a new user, as I can;t remember?

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Unable to access EAP Controller
2019-04-22 02:56:24

Hi Gerry,


If you previously linked the local controller to the cloud (omada.tplinkcloud.com) you can use the cloud to login to your local controller and change the password.

If the controller has not been linked to your cloud account and you did not previously setup email server setttings for the controller,

the only way of resetting the password will be a re-installation of the software (remove the software and install it from scratch again).


Hope this helps.