【FAQs Released】How to add an Omada Gateway to the network?

【FAQs Released】How to add an Omada Gateway to the network?
【FAQs Released】How to add an Omada Gateway to the network?
2021-01-20 04:17:24 - last edited 2021-01-20 04:19:46

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How to add an Omada Gateway to the network

Apply to: Omada Software Controller V4, Omada Software Controller V4, OC200, OC300, TL-ER7206, TL-R605


If you would like to replace your existing router with an Omada Gateway to the working network, you will face some problems, such as IP conflict or adoption failure. This article will introduce the recommended configuration process and help sort out the configuration process, taking the below network as an example.



All existing devices in this network have obtained IP addresses in the subnet of However, the default LAN IP address of Omada Gateway is, which is in the different subnet from the devices, and will cause adoption failure.


Step 1. Renew the IP addresses to enable communication

In order to obtain new IP addresses from the Omada Gateway, please restart OC200 by re-plugging the power line and connect PC directly wired to the gateway. As for the other devices, there is no need to do any operation.


Step 2. Check the IP address of OC200

Please open a browser on PC and input to the address bar to visit the management page of the Omada Gateway. For the first time configuration, please set up the username and password. After login the page, please go to Network –> LAN –> DHCP Client List, and you will find the IP address of OC200, here assuming it is


Step 3. Adopt the Omada Gateway

Please input to the address bar to visit the OC200 management page, go to Devices, and there will be some devices, as well as the Omada Gateway in Pending status. Please click the gateway and adopt it. The first time adopting you may find an error notification, please click retry and enter the username and password set up just now.

Besides, you may find the controller will try to connect the adopted devices but fail, which is normal because the controller’s IP address has been changed, please don’t worry.


Step 4. Change the LAN IP address

Please go to Settings –> Wired Networks –> LAN, edit LAN network, change the Gateway/Subnet to, update the DHCP range, and click Save, then you will find the System LED of Omada Gateway is blinking, which indicates restarting. At this time, please restart OC200 to ensure that it gets a new IP address from the gateway.


Step 5. Check the working status

When you find the Ethernet LED of the gateway and the Power LED of OC200 is on, please unplug the Ethernet cable from PC and plug it back again to update the IP address. Then please visit, and you will find the IP address of OC200 is displayed at the bottom of the web page. Here in the below image, the IP address of OC200 is With the IP address, you will be able to login to the OC200 page, and find that all the devices are connected.

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