What should be noticed when running the EAP Controller for the first time?

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        EAP Controller is a central management software for EAP Series. When running it for the first time the following tips should be noticed.
1.    The communication between EAP Controller and the client is secured by HTTPS. When visiting the web interface of EAP Controller you may get a certificate error. Please refer to FAQ: What should I do if I got a certificate error to learn more about it.
2.    It will ask your email address when initializing EAP Controller. This email will be used to retrieve the admin passwords. Please refer to What if I forget the password of EAP Controller if you need to retrieve your password.
3.    It will ask for a new username and password for administrator( for the first time is admin/admin by default ). This combination will also be set as Device Account automatically when running EAP Controller for the first time. But you can modify the Device Account and admin password respectively later.
4.    When you try to adopt pending EAPs, it will ask for username and password of EAP device. It is admin/admin by default. Once EAP being adopted, all settings will be synchronized from EAP controller. The username and password of EAP device will be the same as Device Account on EAP Controller.
5.    When you choose to forget this EAP (or disconnect the EAP) on EAP Controller_V2.x or higher version, all settings of EAP will reset to factory default. However, when you choose to forget this EAP (or disconnect the EAP) on EAP Controller_V1.x, all settings of EAP will keep the same as it is adopted. The username and password of EAP device also keep the same as the Device Account on EAP Controller.
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