Low Wi-Fi speed when connecting to 5GHz of EAP devices

Recently we receive a feedback from a customer that when enabling Mesh and fixing the channel on the Omada Controller, if the EAP is rebooted, the wireless speed of clients will be affected. Below is the whole story:

With Mesh feature enabled on the Omada controller (Mesh is enabled by default), sometimes in order to get a higher speed, we may set the channel width to 80MHz and fix the channel manually in EAP radio settings.

When connecting to the SSID with the configuration above, the wireless clients will negotiate a high speed with the EAP. Now if we reboot the EAP and after a while when the wireless client connects back, the channel width and the negotiation speed will reduce as the following screenshot shows.

We are now working on it and a beta firmware to solve this issue is already finished. This issue will be completely fixed in the next official firmware release.

If you have the same issue, please feel free to contact us.

Note: This issue only affects EAP225-Outdoor V1.0 and EAP225 V3.0

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It's approaching two months since the OP.  Any updates on when the next release of EAP225V3 firmware will be released to address this issue?


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It would be great to get an update on this.  I'm hopeful new EAP firmware is coming out soon since there was an OC-200 update two days ago.  I've definatey seen some strange speed performance issues from time to time.  These seems to occur for me a few minutes after a reboot -- but not every time.


Changing from 80/40/20 to 80 only, or visa-versa seems to correct the issue for a while (or until the next reboot).  I have 2xEAP225V3, 1xEAP225-Outdoor (MESH), and an OC200.  So I'd rather not disable MESH 


While I haven't seen this manigfest in inSSIDER (as the screen shot would indicate in the OP falling from an advertised rate of 866 to 400Mbit/sec), I can definately see it in my speeds.  With application level throughput falling from ~300-400 Mbit/sec to ~150-200Mbit/sec when speed testing.



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