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Althea Village is a four-star Hotel business, close to the famous Minoan's World 3D Museum & 9D multi-language Cinema, of Chania, at Crete island of Greece. It is also located very close to a lot of (ancient and almost recent) historical and cultural local areas, as well as to the seaside of Agioi Apostoloi. Althea Village is actually a group of big villas, wherein each one of them, there are different apartments and rooms. Apart from the classic hospitality services - which are including traditional tavernas, pool bars, and seaside restaurants – this business also offers Wi-Fi, LAN, pool, a private beach with a parking area, a conference room, and private children's playground. In other words, it's an ideal Greek village/hotel for family or business purposes, in the mentioned area.


Althea Village, turned to TP-Link Hellas, for a reliable networking solution, that would resolve the following themes and fulfill the following demands:

• How all these separate facilities would be connected into a LAN

• How this business would be able to offer wireless and wire access – to their customers – for free and on-demand – including WiFiTTR (Wi-Fi to the room services)

• How this business would be able to manage locally and/or remotely, the required networking materials

• How this business will be able (on-demand) to offer local and/or remote management services of Wi-Fi towards franchise business, into its premises, for facilities like bar, restaurant, and conference room.


TP-Link Hellas provided a suitable networking solution that met all of the demands that were outlined by Althea Village. TP-Link's local partner "Onenet Digital Solutions", based in Crete island, implemented the total project along with business-critical Pre-Sales & After-Sales support, by the Hellenic TP-Link office.


For the backbone network, the implemented solution based mainly on Fiber Optics and was comprised of 1 T2600G-28SQ, 17 T2600G-28MPS(TL-SG3424P) and 4 T1600G-28PS(TL-SG2424P) along of course with the proper GBICs (SFP modules), per kind of Fiber Optic

cable. As a topology, most of the network implemented using the "Star" type but for backup themes, also some small "Ring" type connections, were implemented.


For Wi-Fi network management, the implemented solution based on TP-Link Cloud services and was comprised of 4 OC200. The offered scaled management access via the Omada ecosystem, mainly used, and therefore, all the related with the said project collaborators are using it (Onenet as admin, Local IT as an operator, and the Receptionist is just using the "voucher manager" whenever is needed).


For the distributed network, the implemented solution based on Copper cabling (Cat.5E & Cat.6 – UTP & FTP) and was comprised of 152 EAP225-Wall, 4 EAP245, 40 EAP115-Wall & 10 EAP225-Outdoor. It worth to be mentioned that apart from the free or on-demand WiFiTTR services, we offered through our Wall type access points, also the IPTV room services.


For the franchisee's Wi-Fi network management, the implemented solution based again on TP-Link Cloud services and was comprised of 1 more OC200. On this specific controller, only specific Access Points were registered, obviously only from the franchise areas. The IT personnel of the franchisee found it very useful and via that way, they are advertising there business and services, using TP-Link Wi-Fi, through the offered "Advertisements Prior to Login" function, of the Omada ecosystem.



The Althea Village has expressed intense satisfaction with their implemented solution. The Omada ecosystem provided the reliable and proper network performance that the Althea Village needed. Classic network demands such as:

• Primary and Secondary (wherever is needed) backbone system' connectivity

• Standard guest network

• On-Demand guest network is now considered for granted, in this business.

• Corporate network

• IPTV network – via WiFiTTR method

• Franchise Wi-Fi Services


"We chose TP-Link materials because:

• We evaluated the reliability and performance of them as being suffcient enough, in relation to their cost and competition.

• Whenever we needed their people, they were ready to support us appropriately.

• The TP-Link suggested partner, was having excellent "Know-How" of his job and he was acting with professionalism in collaboration with TP-Link Hellas office.

For sure, we will trust again the people of TP-Link Hellas, in the future. "

 ——Mr. Nikos Skarakis (Business Owner)


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