Hotel Mincott Bring Guests Nice Experience with Omada

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Hi everyone, I want to share my story with Omada solution.


Just upgrading to Omada networks, full solution for my hotel. 3 months passed away, I am perfectly loving it, my guest all like surfing internet in the room, some of my old customers said the WiFi better than their home.

WiFi has always been my pain point in managing Mincott Hotel, before I have no idea about what hotel networking should be like, our maintenance guy just go to Low yat, buy some model, and install them, but the effect is…….Terrible.

The first time I came across Omada solution, was when I attended the Omada launch event. But due to the budget, finally I chose EAP115 and several T1600G-28PS. Besides, I bought the OC200 to help arrange the cloud management, this small Controller can manage my whole hotel.

Now, without networking issue, I can also remotely control all the WiFi traffic through my PC in the Omada cloud or just through my Omada app.


I really loved it, it is really cost-efficient and suitable for the hotels even with a limited budget.

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