What providers cant do

It is simply a pain, if you live in a small german valley and there is no way to communicate with others or the rest of the internet world.


No DSL, no 3G and no sattelite internet, because the wood is between you and the bits and bytes from space.


As we found a way to build an uncommon antenna construction to receive 4G signals from the far and also found a provider, that was able to reserve 2 cells, without setting a volume limit, we at least had a possibility to restart our business with fast and for the first time usable internet.


So did some voodoo to build up our own Multi-LTE-Tunnelendpoint-Bonding-Device-Thing and today have a failsafe 250 Megabit line in a region, where others still have problems to deliver DSL-Light with a maximum of 384k. Not even the local government where able to ensure, that there will be functional internet lines at all, for years.


As the small valley just have fewer than 100 citizens, we decided to share, what we just created. Also we had to connect to seperate assembly buildings and so we found the TP-Link Omada devices.


For indoor-use, we got the easy to setup EAP225 in ceiling and wall version, to get a maximum wifi coverage. Also some EAP245 were needed, because they have an additional ethernet port, which can be used to drive a TL-SG (unmanaged) switch afterwards.


To connect the assembly buildings, we decided to use EAP225-Outdoor. After we tested the devices and found out, that the high range in combination with high data rates are exactly, what we wanted to have to be lucky, we ordered more and more devices. Now, there are only a few "white spots" in the valley, where I cant use my Wifi. Also we created a free-for-all network, using the Omada-Portal-Functions, so that any citizen or guest can use a rate limited internet access.


Today, we have two Omada-Controllers running, each with a different EAP configuration. One for the public and one for our internal use-cases. And now for the first time, since years, I can take my dog, walk through the woods and can do my work, while walking around the valley. Omada is a win, not just for its small prices, but for its "unlimited" possibilites and power. We love the MESH, with very high and stable data rates and the central control, Omada-Controller provides.



Thanks to Omada, we can to things at places, where big providers and the local government failed for years.

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