IP configuration failure on connecting to WiFi
IP configuration failure on connecting to WiFi
IP configuration failure on connecting to WiFi
2018-09-20 17:14:05
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Hi, I'm Soumya from India. I'm staying in Germany for Master's.

My TP Link router is TP-WA901ND version 5. I tried connecting my LAN cable to the TP link access point. On trying to connect to the WiFI from the phone, I get the Error "IP Configuration failure". Does this model of TP link router not use DHCP? Do I have to use static IP to configure the router? Since I could not connect to the WiFi even once, I'm unable to go to the webpage as well - https://tplinkwifi.net.

Thank you
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Re:IP configuration failure on connecting to WiFi
2019-04-28 03:32:59 - last edited 2019-04-28 03:33:37

Hey Soumya,


Maybe your router is set to static IP, you've to manually SET the IP address of your device to be able to login to your router.


To solve this type of problems in your device, either set your wifi router to provide “DHCP IP” addresses or follow these steps to register static IP in your router.

To register a static IP in the router;


From your phone, Go to “Settings > Wifi > Long Press/Tap on Wifi Network you’re connected with > Open ‘Advance Setting’ > and click on ‘IP Setting’ menu“.

In the IP setting, it will show “DHCP,” change “DHCP to Static” and assign any unique IP address between 192.168.x.2 – 192.168.x.254 (Depends on your router gateway).


For eg; If your router uses IP address, then put any IP between -


Once you made these changes to your device, now you can easily log in to your router and change the IP address assign method to DHCP. For more details, you can also check out here.