Use TL-ANT2414A Indoors?

Use TL-ANT2414A Indoors?
Use TL-ANT2414A Indoors?
2019-03-06 15:02:55 - last edited 2019-03-06 15:12:57
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I need to ask since I know nearly nothing about the strength of signal and health hazards of wifi antennas.

I found this antenna really cheap and gave it a go to solve my poor wifi in a rather long and narrow house.


It says indoors and outdoors usage on some sites and on others only outdoors.


Is it safe to use indoors? Almost all usage is with one of two drywalls in between.


I saw a thread discussing installation outside with the backside to the inside, but I’m using it indoors facing the living room etc, from a utilty room.


Using it with an Archer c2.


We have small children in the house.


Would appreciate answers very much since it solves the poor wifi but I feel uneasy using it.

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Re:Use TL-ANT2414A Indoors?
2019-03-11 10:14:48



The TL-ANT2414A is an outdoor antenna for the outdoor business product, like WDS.


While Archer C2 is an indoor device, they are not compatible with each other. and the connector are different.


If you want to improve the wifi signal strength, you can refer to the instruction below:


First, you can place your wireless device for optimal reception and performance. here is the instruction to do that:

Besides, you can use a clean channel without so many interference.

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