Bulb wont update.
Bulb wont update.
Bulb wont update.
2019-03-08 23:10:00 - last edited 2019-03-08 23:15:57
Model: LB130
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.7.1

So recently my bulb has been disconnecting from Google home.

I looked in to the Kasa app and it appears online then offline to the bulb.. 

So i've tried to update the bulb..

It fails to update through.

I've tired this on 4 devices now

Samsung s7
Samsung s8
samsung s10
Nvidia Shield

Everytime update failed

The router is in the same room as the bulb.. barely 2 metres away so signals not an issue either

IS there another way to update this bulb as its constant failing and disconnecting makes it unfit for purpose

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Re:Bulb wont update.
2019-03-11 07:14:10



May I know can it be controlled by Google home before?


You can try to update the firmware of LB130 manually. Below is the download link of the upgrade tool. 



Then you can reconfigure the LB130.



After that, please check whether you can control it via kasa app both locally and remotely.


Besides, you can try to re- link it to the Google home and give it a go. 



Any updates, just let us know.


Good luck.

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