RE450 - Low speed in 5Ghz band
RE450 - Low speed in 5Ghz band
RE450 - Low speed in 5Ghz band
2019-04-09 00:28:08
Model: RE450
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: V2.1



I just bought the TP-LINK Reapter RE450, and I normally configured it as a repeater in the 5Ghz band. My main router that provides the 5ghz wireless signal, is a TPLINK ARCHER VR600, which receive an ISP nominal speed of 200Mbps. Both are configured on channel 38 in the 5Ghz band. However, when connecting to RE450 Repeater, my speed does not exceed 40Mbps. 
I already did the repeater switch very close to the main router (Archer VR600), changed the channels, but there was no improvement in speed when connected to the RE450.
When I connect directly to the Archer VR600(Wireless or cable), I can usually reach the speed around 200Mbps. 
Could you help me with the speed improvement of the RE450 on 5Ghz band?


Thanks in advance.


Denilson Silva

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Re:RE450 - Low speed in 5Ghz band
2019-04-09 11:49:20


What is the current light status of the extender?


How far away between the main router and extender? what about the signal strength?


With computer connected to the extender, please check the wired speed and wireless speed separately. Then please show me the pictures of test results.


Meanwhile, please check the wired/wireless link speed:


To do a comparison analysis, please put your computer next to the extender and connect it to the main router to run the speed test and show me the result. 


Besides, you can refer  to the information below to troubleshoot.


Any updates, please let me know.


Best regards.