VR600v USB Question

VR600v USB Question
VR600v USB Question
2019-04-11 07:09:00 - last edited 2019-04-11 09:46:45
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 1.0.0 0.9.1 v0078.0 Build 170814 Rel.66346n



I have a VR600v, I was using 4x 2TB WD Elements USB Powered Hard Drives via a 4port non powered hub as my Media Server. All was working well.


I had a chance to get some 4TB WD Elements USB Powered Hard Drives for a reasonable price and jumped at it knowing that I'll need more space soon, so I purchaced 4 as upgrades. All are NTFS Formatted.


So I replaced the 4x 2TB with the 4x 4TB, but after plugging in the third, it would start clicking. Ok, I thought, needs more power for the larger drives. So I ordered a 4 port powered USB 3.0 Hub (yes, I know it's only USB 2 on the router, just wanted to make sure the drives where getting the power they need). Everything seemed to be working fine, I could see and access the new 4x 4TB Drives. However after about 10 minutes or so the router would reboot, power back up and maybe 5-10 minutes it would reboot again, looping.


I thought it might be a power issue as everything is running from the one power outlet via a UPS. So I grabbed an extention cord and ran it from another power outlet to solely power the router, so the router should be getting enough power, still rebooting.


I disconnected one of the 4TB drives, still rebooting. So I disconnected another 4TB drive an no more rebooting. Totally confused as to why,


So I can get 4x 2TB's working without the need for a powered USB hub, or I can have 2x 4TB's, but I can't have what I want, and that's 4x 4TB hard drives without the constant reboots. If anyone can shine a light on this it would be welcomed.


P.S. I contacted support via online chat from TP-Link's Webpage before I bought the VR600r with questions about the how many USB drives, size limits, etc, and was told that I could have up to 4 USB Hard Drives and 4TB+ Drives would work (as long as they weren't partitioned).



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Re:VR600v USB Question
2019-04-11 10:42:12



Sorry for the inconvenience caused here. 


For your information, 4 HDD in one port is extremely beyond the ability of a simple router, so it is not recommended to use like that. 


Meanwhile, you setup HDD as media server, which occupies capacity a lot. Cause the router works fine with 2 HDD plugged, you can use them as a workaround first.


Besides, we will forward it to our R&D colleagues and they can work on it and improve its capacity and performance. 


Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. 


Good day.