How do I set up Soft AP for T2U on Mac OSX?

How do I set up Soft AP for T2U on Mac OSX?
How do I set up Soft AP for T2U on Mac OSX?
2019-04-18 02:30:49
Model: Archer T2U
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:

This is for an Archer AC600 T2U Nano (EU) V1.0 but that wasn’t in the drop-down choices. 


If anyone can help me with this I’d be really grateful as I’ve been trawling the net for answers and no-one seems to have the same problem as me. 


1. Can I use this to plug into a MacBook, so that I can turn its wired Ethernet internet into a WiFi hotspot? The instructions show you how to do it with Windows using a Soft AP setting but there’s no utility window/app for Mac so I have no idea if it’s possible. 


2. If it is possible, HOW? 


3. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling the drivers bundle from the CD and from the TP Link page several times and all you get is the adaptor recognised in the list of network connections in System Preferences. There’s no wireless configuration utility app, and the utility that you can reach by using the drop down on the adaptor icon in the very top menu bar only shows a list of other people’s WiFi networks. I don’t want those, I want to convert my wired connection into a WiFi hotspot for my other devices. 


Can anyone one please help me? I reached out to TP Link and they recommended these help pages. 


Thanks for reading!