TL-PBG3350 PowerOUT

TL-PBG3350 PowerOUT
TL-PBG3350 PowerOUT
2019-05-12 14:59:21
Model: TL-PBG3350
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Hello tp-link-team,


please can you specify how the output of the PowerBank is behaving?


the manual only tells that

Press the Power button to check the current battery level. We recommend to charge it when the indicator LED is blinking.


but i think its more a
'if you press the output switches on and the battery status is showed withe the indicator LED.'
'if the output draws less then XXXmA the output will be switched off'


as i have a veryl low power USB-Device i like to power with this i need to know the 'switch-off' treshold..


thanks for clarifing!

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Re:TL-PBG3350 PowerOUT
2019-05-14 02:31:30

I think it is related to the power consumption of the client device charging by the power bank. 

QIG lists some explanations of the led indicator, and for the power bank, when it has low battery, the indicator will remind us to charge itself, while it won't switch it off unless it ran out of battery. 

Re:Re:TL-PBG3350 PowerOUT
2019-05-22 14:35:29 - last edited 2019-05-22 14:38:30

i was mainly interested in the function of the button...

(seems this was not clear in my asking ;-) )


i would like to know if the button can be used to switch the output on and off.

or if the button needs to be pushed to switch the output on

but the output only switches off if the client-device disconnects*1 or the powerbank itself is empty


*1 or uses less than XXmA power. for most of the powerbanks i found information on this its about ~50mA..


sunny greetings