Qos ability in Access Point mode
Qos ability in Access Point mode
Qos ability in Access Point mode
2019-05-22 21:38:11
Model: Archer C5400
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2

Hi Folks,


I have gotten this router in the hopes of being able to actually get my PPPoE settings from my ISP but thus far I have been unsuccessful in doing so as ultimately i am looking to replace the horrendous router supplied by them.

One of the main things I want from the device is QoS as there is plenty of users and any of which could be doing extensive downloading at any time destroying the internet for any other users in the house.
However when putting the router into Access Point mode i loose all ability for the router to use QoS.


Is it possible to have the router in Router mode and connect via ethernet to my ISP provider as i would prefer the TP Link device doing all the heavy lifting leaving DHCP being the only thing the ISP router does.


Any assistance / guidance that can be given i'd seriously appreciated




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Re:Qos ability in Access Point mode
2019-05-23 01:53:35



The C5400 does not support QoS in access point mode. 


While you can connect it to the ISP router and configure it as the router mode to enable the QoS function; meanwhile, you can set ISP router as bridge and connect the C5400 to it and work as the regular router.


Below is the instruction to setup QoS function.



May it help and have a nice day.