Kasa Programming feature suggestions

Kasa Programming feature suggestions
Kasa Programming feature suggestions
2019-06-09 06:19:17
Model: HS100
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Hello, I am new to the community and couldn’t find a “suggestions” post.


I bought the HS100 to play around and see how to automate certain functions in my home (also looking to play around with the tplink-cloud-api)


One of the suggestions I have is a feature I would call “default off timer”.  It should work only if outside the scheduled on/off times, in case someone turns decides to turn ON the device at the switch and doesn’t have the app.  The way the timer function works now is that you set it every time you turn on the device.  I guess I am suggesting a little flag that may be ticked “set as default” or another feature/option, I’ll let the developers figure that out.


See it as an energy saving feature with out of the box setting to be 15 minutes that adheres to many regional auto off guidelines for appliances.


TP-Link would be very popular adding this simple function to save our environment.


Just a suggestion.






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Re:Kasa Programming feature suggestions
2019-06-10 02:38:03



We will forward it to our R&D team, and they will work on it and evaluate the feasibility. 


You can keep an eye on our official website for more updates.


Good day.