2.4GHz wifi channel not detectable and can't be configured

2.4GHz wifi channel not detectable and can't be configured
2.4GHz wifi channel not detectable and can't be configured
2019-06-15 10:15:32
Model: Archer VR2800
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: latest


Purchased tp-Link Archer VR2800  from eBay seller. Open box.

All of my modems routers up to date were Netgear. 

As VR2800 arrived I was very excited and immediately tried to configure it.

Well, it did not work as flawless as expected.

Took me a few tries until the 5G channel would kindly allow me to configure it. When configuring on my iPhone - it just said that it fails to change the SSID and/or the password and when moving to my laptop it gave me the following error message: Error Code: 9805 (Corresponding case not found).

Well, After a few resets and trials it worked out finally and I moved to configure the second wifi channel - 2.4GHz - and.....


The 2/4GHz channel is not seen and can not be detected by any of my home devices - laptops, phones (iOS and Android), printer etc. 

Also, I can't configure the 2.4GHz wifi.

When trying to configure the 2.4Ghz channel (changing SSID and/or password - any of them and all of them together) - it does not work.

When doing so from my laptop or my daughter's laptop I get the same error message [Error Code: 9805 (Corresponding case not found)],

When trying to configure the 2.4GHz wifi channel from my iPhone - it just refuses to change the SSID and/or password and says: Failure. 


So, for over 3 hours I tried all the tricks in the book. most of them a few times in different order.

This is what I tried:

1. Turn device on/off.

2.Try to configure via advance settings and basic settings.

3.Hard reset twice.

4. rebooted device 6 or 7 times.

5. Set back to factory settings.

6. Made sure it is the last available firmware (yes it is).

7. Tried to configure via different devices (mobile, laptop, another laptop).

8. Tried to change only wifi password, only SSID name, Both together. 


Nothing works.


My ISP supplies VDSL.

Laptops OS are windows 7 (64) and iphones have latest iOS on them.

A picture of the message is enclosed.


Any ideas?



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Re:2.4GHz wifi channel not detectable and can't be configured
2019-06-17 10:57:33



Please tell us the current hardware and firmware version.


When and where did you buy this router? 


Good day. 


Re:Re:2.4GHz wifi channel not detectable and can't be configured
2019-06-22 08:57:47
Hello Kevin, Thanks for that. Yes.  The same message. I bought it from an eBay seller. managed to get in touch with TP-Link support. They connected remotely and confirmed that the problem is with the router itself.  Sent it back for refunding. Thank you once again.
Re:Re:Re:2.4GHz wifi channel not detectable and can't be configured
2019-06-24 01:56:41



Thanks for your valued reply. 


If need more help in the future, do not hesitate to contact us.


You have a nice day.