Deco M5 firmware meltdowns

Deco M5 firmware meltdowns
Deco M5 firmware meltdowns
2019-06-17 22:42:39
Model: Deco M5
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

I have a Deco M5 that I just recently upgraded to the newest firmware and every single time I have to do a firmware Update all hell breaks loose in my network.



The firmware update seems fine it counts down as it should the main deco comes on with a green light and then all my devices and remote decos start going haywire.  I have to end up rebooting everything to get the system back functioning.  


My cable modem

Main deco

Remote decos 

Then most devices.


This is every single firmware update I have done not just the last one.


Any thoughts?

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Re:Deco M5 firmware meltdowns
2019-06-18 08:15:40



That is a little weird, we will get more details and try to fix it. 


1. What are the light status of the Deco nodes? 


2. Are the clients still connected to to the Deco after the firmware upgraded? Can they access internet? What is the IP and gateway obtained? Instruction as below:


3. At that point, with your computer connected to the main Deco and modem directly by wired cable, can you access internet? 


Thanks in advance, and have a nice day.