TP-LINK WPA8630P KIT with no internet Connection

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2019-07-04 02:51:01



TL-WPA8630P does support wifi function, and TL-WPA8630Pkit includes powerline adapter without wifi function, and a TL-WPA8630P. We name the whole kit as the extender unit. So the TL-WPA8630Pkit has nothing to do with TL-WPA8630.


The TL-PA8010P does not support wifi function, so there is no wifi button. 


Meanwhile, the powerline adapters work as a kit, in other word, the main adapter connects to the main router by wired cable and get internet, the extender can be relocated to extend the wifi range, the 2 powerline units communicate with each via power line. 


What is more, cause the main adapter need connect to the router by wired cable, the wifi function is useless. 


May it help and have a nice day.