Unstable internet connection with Deco M5
Unstable internet connection with Deco M5
Unstable internet connection with Deco M5
a week ago
Model: Deco M5
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 1.3.1



So I have started getting problems with my Deco M5 setup lately.

The setup has worked fine for a long time, and no changes have been made to the network, so I suspect it has something to do with the latest update.

The internet connection is very unstable, and the ping is mostly between 500-1000ms. Sporadiclly it will drop down to the usual 25ms.



ISP Router > LRT224 Dual WAN router > Deco


If I connect to the LAN-port on either the ISP router, LRT224 or the Deco I get the same (bad) experience so it has nothing to do with the Wifi.

The strangest part is that when I disconnect the deco from the network, and connect to a LAN-port on either the router or LRT224 the connection is fine. 

Connecting the Deco directly to the ISP router has not helped, including when the Deco is running as an access point. I have also tried a hard-reset on all the devices, and even changed the main Deco unit. I have a 4G modem that sometimes is connected to the LRT224, and that seems to be more stable. 


So, based on my very limited knowledge, it seems to be an issue in the communication between the ISP router and the Deco. I have tried messing around with all the settings I can think of (fixed DHCP, IPv4/6 etc.) on both ends with no luck. I was planning on adding a couple og M9 units to the network, but now I'm afraid I have to change to another brand since the only option left that I can think of is that it's an firmware issue. Hopefully somebody here can help.


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Re:Unstable internet connection with Deco M5



What do you mean the network connection is unstable? Do devices lose network connection or the speed slows down rapidly? 


What is the current network topology and their IP subnet? Are their DHCP servers enabled or not?


Meanwhile, what is the led status of the Deco when the connection became unstable? Please check its internet IP and gateway of the Deco at that time. 


Have you ever setup static IP for the local devices yet? 


Besides, we suspect that there is an IP conflict which causes this unstable connection issue; it is suggested to connect one Deco to the ISP router directly without any devices connected to the ISP router; After that, please take some time to verify whether the Deco network works well.


Any updates, please let us know.


Good day.