Archer MR400 Youtube/Insta/Chomecast issues certain devices

Re:Archer MR400 Youtube/Insta/Chomecast issues certain devices
2020-12-30 18:15:33 - last edited 2020-12-30 18:19:25



Installed tp-link archer mr400 today. Got "interesting" problem after installation: chromecast was working ok from a mobile phone but not working from a win 10 pc.


The root cause: screen lock was not activated in the mobile phone. You're probably as puzzled as I was. What the heck, screen lock causing chromecast to fail...???!!!


The explanation:

- Chromecast "guest" mode was not on i.e. casting was only allowed from a certain user account

- Google log-on from the phone was ok. I disabled screen lock as the intention is to use the phone as a chromecast remote control in the living room

- Google log-on from win 10 was _seemingly ok_ but was _actually not ok_ because Google security check was not ok (there was un-protected device logged on). No error message, but was showing "synchronization stopped"

- Chrome browser "cast" menu was showing no devices

- Tried rebooting everything, checked sw versions, checked this and that

- As a final idea went to Chrome menu to reset cookies when I noticed there was a notification about new device logged on to my google account with unsufficient security.

- Acknowledged I really wanted to skip screen lock on the other device --> synchronization passed --> my chromecast device appeared in the cast menu --> chromecast started to work