Archer AX6000 Firmware upgrade ruined everything. Cant go back?

Re:Archer AX6000 Firmware upgrade ruined everything. Cant go back?
2020-09-22 02:52:57

So Update 2


Finally got sick of the drops and the likes. 
Factory Reset the router.
Rebuilt my network and split the 2.4 and 5 channels into seperate ones to make it easier for pairing. 
Had to reset all devices in homekit and re-paired them.

Still occasionally get a slight stutter on the 2.4 channel for a few seconds. Not a huge drama but sometimes it seems that it takes a few seconds to fully wake up if its not in use.
The WAN connection on the other hand is super stable. So thats a huge win from what it was like with the broken firmware and even

Also of note everything running on the Gigabit has never even dropped a packet. Super happy with that side of the router.

If people are sceptical i dont blame them. But it may be worth trying, once you have time to do the update and start it all fresh. 
(firmware updates shouldnt cause you to reset your whole network each time, lets hope future releases will not have this issue)