C200 Tapo Tp-link camera

C200 Tapo Tp-link camera
C200 Tapo Tp-link camera
2020-07-19 08:52:36
Model: Tapo C200
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.0.10

Hi Tp-link support, 


I just purchased tapo c200 camera this july 2020 and able to install and set up sucessfully. 


One thing I notice is that even I set schedule to recording. When I take a peek at saved memory, I dont see anything. 

Although playback it has but does it mean I nead to record it first and save to memory? 


What if someone breaks in and I notofied but failed to press record at app because I was away from my phone. 


This was the problem I am looking for a solution but whenever I try, it fails and option goes by pressing record first. 


Let me know if there is a better way or firmware has no update for auto storing at sd card yet? 



Appreciated your feedback, 



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Re:C200 Tapo Tp-link camera
2020-07-19 12:44:56
thank you
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