Firmware update

Firmware update
Firmware update
2021-06-04 15:28:06
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version:

Hi everyone. New here....

I had to select WPA4530 kit above because mine is not in the list??


I have a WPA 281kit v3 extender and was just trying to update the firmware.


I have downloaded the tpplc and the firmware from the tp-link site for my hardware.


In the instructions for updating it says to unpack the zip file and it says to use the downloaded nvm and pib files??? When I unpack the zip file I get a how to upgrade pdf and a bin file....


How do I get the nvm and pib files and how do I add them to upgrade the firmware??


Also in the tppls it shows the unit as device6421??


Any help or advice would be much appreciated...


Many thanks.

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Re:Firmware update
2021-06-09 05:50:18 - last edited 2021-06-09 05:53:40

@stevemaley Hello, 


The latest EU version firmware for WPA281KIT V3 is still 2014 firmware which is pretty old, you could keep using current firmware if it works fine. 


NVM& PIB is the firmware file for wired powerline units, firmware update via tpPLC Utility:

How to update the firmware using tpPLC Utility (new logo)?


Bin file is the firmware file for wireless powerline unit, firmware update via Web page of wireless powerline unit, here is a guide for upgrade firmware for wireless powerline unit. 

How to update the firmware of Powerline ac Extender via web-based management interface (new logo)?


 'Device6421' the number is the last few digits of the MAC address of powerline unit on the back label, so you could identify the exact device.