Archer VR600V3 High packet error and connection drop out after X time

Archer VR600V3 High packet error and connection drop out after X time

Archer VR600V3 High packet error and connection drop out after X time
Archer VR600V3 High packet error and connection drop out after X time
2022-07-14 00:23:09
Model: Archer VR600  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: Firmware Version:1.4.0 0.9.1 v009e.0 Build 210826 Rel.42166n

I'll give some backstory, as this seems a common problem, and it might point to something? Pre-sorry for the waffle.


Around mid-December 2021 my old Vr600v1 died, well, it stopped transmitting Wi-Fi. So I bought a VR600V3 to replace it, seeing as it's been wonderful thus far, and I came to know it inside n out.

Roll on a month and I notice our already "rurally slow" connection had dropped by about 1.5-2mbps. Dropping from about 6 on a good day to 4.

A month and a bit after that, I notice It's dropped again to 3mbps. Nothing seems wrong my end, all the numbers add up. And then in Mid May it dropped to below 3mbps. Shared between 3 very internet active people, it was  borderline unusable.


I started to complain to our ISP, BT. Whose support said, after forcing a bt homehub to be plugged in and resetting it 4 times and failing to get a single speed test done, "you're getting more than 1mbps, we can't and won't do anything else."

F you then.


I got my 70 something mother-in-law to complain about the terrible phone line quality, and a bloke came out the next day. Huh. Checked EVERYTHING. Said he was utterly stumped and unless someone was doing this on purpose, there is no reason for any of it. All the numbers were perfect. Anyway, to draw a close to this, he got a cherry picker that was in the area to have a look-up the pole outside our house and bam. Squirrels had chewed into our junction box... or a little box that housed our wires. They replaced that and within the hour full 7, count it, 7mbps. Amazing. I will add that while talking to him, he did mention VDSL has a good range of about 2.5miles and we're about 2miles dead from the cabinet, and that maybe I could ring and ask to be put back on ADSL which I remember working better. I've not done that yet though, and as it was working well, I figure I wouldn't bother.


Right up until 21:45 that night, where it went dead. Huge spike in downstream packets. 20,000 or so. The VR600 was throwing DNS errors and "please reconfigure your settings" errors constantly. Eventually, it came back some time in the night after I got sick and went to bed.

Next day, same thing happens, around 21:30 this time. Same story. 3rd night in a row, around 21:00. This is when I plugged in the old BT home hub and bam, problem gone. high ping and traffic sorting, but working internet.


5 days of that because maybe we need to train the line again IDK, I swap back to the Archer VR600V3 and factory reset it. Twice.

We were fine for 2 days, and then it started again. Connection drops, massive packet error spikes on the down stream. But a reset fixes it for about 18-22 hours.

This was tonight, prompting me to post this.


Not as bad as others maybe, but with our line I guess it's all it could manage within 5 minutes.

I can supply anything needed if pointed to the right thing, logs or more screenies or details.


Thanks in advance.

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Re:Archer VR600V3 High packet error and connection drop out after X time
2022-07-20 12:07:08

  @Mavark Thanks for the feedback.

There is a beta firmware that might be helpful with your current issue.

And it could be reverted back to your current version later.

Please refer to the private message to install the version first.

Best regards.


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