weird problem deleting users under VPN

weird problem deleting users under VPN

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Re:weird problem deleting users under VPN
2024-02-10 03:53:14 - last edited 2024-02-10 03:53:28

Hi  @mdanieli 

mdanieli wrote

  @ITserve @Hank21, Can you help? I updated my router to the firmware you recommended (ER7206 V1_1.4.0_Build 20230828 Beta Firmware for Omada Controller v5.12) but the problem persists. I recently updated to the latest firmware and nothing changed, the error is still there.

There is a newer firmware than this. Why would you downgrade it?

Really appreciate it if you can upgrade to the latest one. Instead of referring to an obsolete thread which makes zero sense to me.

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