TL-WPA500 (UK) dropping connection

TL-WPA500 (UK) dropping connection
TL-WPA500 (UK) dropping connection
2017-04-06 17:05:18
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I have the TL-WPA500 kit with 2 N300 range extender sockets. Recently they are dropping the connection. I tried to look on the support pages but they don't list this model (number comes from the bar code on the box so must be correct). Hence hoping for help on this forum as the only other option is an 0845 telephone number.

I've had to stop using the N300 range extender for the Youview box because it stopped being reliable (this got steadily worse over about a month). I've also found that the PC connected into the other N300 keeps dropping the internet connection too. I turn the main unit off and the extender turn it back on again and it sorts itself out, but would like to know if there is anything I can do to stop the intermittent fault.

I know it isn't the router because I connected the youview box directly with a long cable to the router (fibre broadband) and it works perfectly. Also wifi connection with the router is fine.

Thanks in advance