NC220 messed up with 1.2.0 update!

NC220 messed up with 1.2.0 update!
NC220 messed up with 1.2.0 update!
2017-06-07 02:19:55
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Hi, first sorry about my English!

I have five NC220, Yesterday I updated it from 1.1.14 Build 161219 Rel.28647 to 1.2.0 Build 170516 Rel.B4AC0D !! Please, dont update if you are using the camera over RTSP/RTMP protocol!!!

I use VLC/iSpy with this MRL: rtsp://user:password@my_ip_or_domain:554/h264_vga.sdp

First of all: If you add account of kind "user", they would not can access to RTSP/RTMP. The only user (or kind of user) is admin. This is very insecure becouse you must share the admin password.

Second: NO MORE AUDIO Stream over RTSP/RTMP!!! The new update cames with out audio streamin!
Look at this:

Before update:

After update:

This is a seriously because I can't undo this update: No downgrade is possible!
I use my cameras with iSpy with alarms based con movements and audio noise! Now one of my cameras lost the audio.

I contacted TPLink's support without any solution up to date.

Please, somebody helpme about revert this "update" ? Thanks!
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Re:NC220 messed up with 1.2.0 update!
2017-07-10 10:37:23
It is recommended to send ticket to to ask them.