Deco P9 latest firmware 1.1.0 now is available!

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Hello everyone,


TP-Link has released a newer firmware for Deco P9 earlier June 2020 and the latest version now is 1.1.0 Build 20200513 Rel. 52023.

Customers may check to update it via the Deco app.


New features supported:

  • Add web UI.
  • Added custom configuration options for LAN IP and DHCP server.
  • Added support for IPTV function.
  • Added WPS function.
  • Added MAC Clone function.
  • You can now switch on/off both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi individually, as well as 2.4G and 5G guest networks.
  • You can easily tell via the Deco app how Deco units are connected, using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or PLC backhaul.
  • You can easily tell via the Deco app how the clients are connected, to which deco and which band.
  • Improved system performance.


Refer to Method 1 to update the firmware.

Best Regards.
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​​​​​​Thnx sir for this good and I love it and I will share with my friends and again thanks a lot.

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