IPTV for SingTel

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        Quite recently I bought a new TP-LINK wireless router Archer C4000 to replace my old SingTel router. However, I couldn’t make it work at all, even after working with SingTel for almost half an hour. When I was about to give up, TP-LINK Support suggested to enable IPTV because VLAN should be tagged on SingTel connection. This finally worked! In order to help those who may have the same issue, I decided to share my own experience.

           First of all, according to SingTel, my Internet Connection Type should be Dynamic IP. So, I chose Dynamic IP during Quick Setup.

           Then, in order to get internet access, I need to enable IPTV as Singapore--SingTel under Advanced---Network—IPTV part.

 (When I chose ISP Profile, I noticed that there were various options for ISPs in different countries. I was thinking that many other ISPs may also need similar settings as my SingTel.)


           Once I clicked on save, I got an Internet IP address instead of the previous Finally I had internet access and it was very exciting!!

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