TP-Link Community Forum Guidelines

TP-Link Community Forum Guidelines
TP-Link Community Forum Guidelines
2018-11-07 17:44:28 - last edited 2019-05-08 23:57:44

TP-Link takes pleasure in providing a wide range of methods for our customer base to find answers to questions they may have with our products.  One of those methods is this community forum.  It is our hope that this is a place for users to share their experience, give suggestions, ask questions, and get help from TP-Link experts and fellow customers alike.  We want this to be a place of respect and collaboration, so to this affect we have set guidelines that we will require all users to follow.  Violation of these guidelines will result in a warning, followed by a 30-day ban for a 2nd offense.  If a 3rd offense takes place, we will be forced to permanently ban the user.  The rules are simple and common sense.


  • Be Respectful:  Treat your fellow user in a respectful manner.  If you reply to a post, please be constructive and friendly.  What might be simple to you may be difficult for someone else.  If you post content, please be clear in what you are trying to accomplish and do not attack someone who may not understand what you are asking.


  • No Foul Language:  Keep the language in your post clean.  TP-Link’s hope is that this community forum be a family friendly environment.  To that regard we ask that content be clean and age appropriate.  In other words, let’s keep it “G” rated.


  • No Offensive Content:  Do not post any content (written, visual, or audio) that is disparaging, demeaning or derogatory to any individual, or group of individuals. Such content may even violate federal or local law.  Violation of this rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the community.


  • No Illegal Activity: Do not conduct in illegal activity, actions that violate state, local or federal law will be taken seriously and may require us to contact the authorities and permanently ban your access to the forums.


  • Protect Your Privacy:  Take care not to share personal information in your post.  TP-Link Support may require you to provide personal information while troubleshooting or processing an RMA, we will however not ask for it here.  If someone asks you to provide personal information, please report it immediately.


  • Post on Correct Thread:  Ensure your post or reply is submitted in the correct thread and subject. 


  • Report Abuse or Spam:  While our admins will be active, we might not be able to catch everything in a timely manner.  If you feel something violates the guidelines above, please report it for review.

  • No Spam or Advertising:  Spam or advertising are expressly prohibited and will result in an automatic ban of your account.