HA100 failure?

HA100 failure?
HA100 failure?
2016-12-05 00:35:43
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This is the 2nd HS100 wall plug that I have received. The first one didn't work, wouldn't connect to the house wifi, and neither does this one.
So...either I'm the dummy and can't follow instructions or I've gotten 2 bad ones. If I have 2 bad ones, I don't want to run these in my house...
their QC stinks.
I called their tech support and basically the lady said for me to move closer to the router which I did...still nothing. With this one
I've plugged it in with 1 foot of the router and still nothing.
I get a blinking amber and the solid green power button lit. I keep pressin the top button for it to go to solid amber ONLY,but still
Am I suppose to have an account set up? Am I suppose to do this on the laptop vs the iphone?

I hope someone has an answer for this dummy. This CAN'T be this hard right?
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Re:HA100 failure?
2016-12-13 11:17:06
Well, you don't give much information on what you are working with or what you have done. So I will try and list what you need from memory. You need to download and install the Kasa app onto your phone. You need an encrypted 2.4 GHz wifi network and the password. The app should walk you through the process. You plug in the HS100. Then you leave the app and go into available networks. Join the one with the strange TP Link name. Then go back into the app. It will ask you what network to join and the password. then you can disconnect from the TP link network and re-join your regular 2.4 GHz network. You should then be able to control the HS 100 locally from the Kasa app.
If this doesn't work, post back with more information, including at what point the setup seems to fail.