What can I do if I unable to configure my Deco?

Released On: 2018-11-27 07:51:57Last update time: 2018-11-27 07:51:57

You may experience issues setting up your Deco for the first time.  If you do please check this guide to see if the issue you are experiancing is covered. 


Case 1: The Deco app cannot find the Deco


1. Disable and then enable Bluetooth on your phone.

2. Make sure LED is pulsing blue on Deco, otherwise, reboot/reset Deco.

3. Move your phone closer to Deco.

4. Disable power saving mode on your phone.

5. Authorize location for Deco on your phone.


Case 2: The Deco is not properly connected


1. The Deco is not connected to the modem. Please check the physical connection.

2. The Deco is connected to modem but is not receiving a WAN IP address. Connect your PC to the modem directly and see if internet works. Also check the LAN's IPv4 address and gateway on PC.


Case 3: Fails to connect to your TP-Link cloud


1. Connect a PC to the other Ethernet port on Deco to test internet connection. If it works, check whether firewall on the modem is set to a High/Medium Level. Set it to Low or disable it.

2. If there is no internet through Ethernet connection, power off and on your modem then router. Once the reboot is complete, test the connection.

Note: If modem is brand new, you may need to call your provider to activate it.  

3. If you cannot connect a PC to the LAN port via Ethernet, reboot the modem and contact your provider to make sure that MAC filtering is not enabled.

4. If your modem is working, and it still works with your old router, then connect the main Deco to a LAN port of the old router. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi signal from old router, and configure the main Deco by using the Deco app. After configuration finished, connect the main Deco back to the modem.


Case 4: Testing the connection


1. Move the remote Deco next to the main Deco, reset the remote Deco and configure it again.

2. If problem persists, connect the remote Deco to the main Deco via Ethernet and run the setup again.

3. Unplug the main Deco from your modem, reboot both Deco and modem. After that, plug the main Deco back to the modem, wait till the LED light turns solid green, then set up the remote Deco again.


If you are still having issues or your issue is not covered please contact TP-Link support for further assistnace. 


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