How to update Deco M9 plus from firmware 1.2.12 Build 20191014 Rel. 42025

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I was invited by @TP-Link  to share my story about firmware 1.2.12 on Deco M9 plus.


Every time I checked via Deco APP>Update Deco, it said “firmware up to date”, apparently it isn’t since I can’t change the security type of my M9 and I see there are new software, not just one, a few of them newer than me. So I decided to ask for help.


Guess I am right and I was provided the following instruction to update my Deco.

Currently, the latest firmware for Deco M9 plus V2/2.2/2.6/2.8 is Deco M9Plus(US)_1.5.6_211018 that could be download from here.

My Hardware on the label is V2.8 and I was told I could use V2 per link:Frequently Asked Questions on Deco Firmware Update

Since 1.2.11 did not have web interface, I need to install the firmware upgrade tool(Deco M9Plus_2.0_upgrade_tool) to update to 1.5.6 and the step-to-step instruction to update the firmware:How to Update the Firmware of Deco


I do hope my story mattersangel.