Kasa v2.17.0 released for iOS and Android

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We've added support for a slew of new products as well as some long requested features with the relase of v2.17.0 for iOS and Android!


*Note* The update is in the process of being rolled out to users, please allow some time to actually get it. As far as the firmware for the devices which will enable you to configure time offset and fade on/off, that is currently being tested and will be released once completed.


*Update 12/17* Firmware for smart plugs and bulbs should be out now. Please be sure to periodically check for new firmware in the Kasa app by selecting the top left menu icon, then select Settings > Firmware Update.



•    Users on iOS 13 should be able to add devices without issue now. Please contact support if you continue to experience issues.

New Features:
•    You can now include offsets when scheduling with sunrise and sunset
•    You can now include fade-on and fade-off speed when scheduling dimmable devices
•    Check for firmware updates to enable the new scheduling features (Side Menu > Settings > Firmware Update)
•    More users should have access to Smart Actions now
•    Kasa Cam customers who subscribe to Plus and Premium plans will now see snapshots of detected motion in their push notifications
•    Plus and Premium subscribers also now have access to Video Summary to get a quick synopsis of everything your camera has recorded in the past 24 hours

New Products:
•    We've added support for the Kasa Smart Wire-Free Camera (KC300) and the Kasa Smart Power Strip (KP303)
New Features:
•    Schedules now support sunrise and sunset offsets and fade-on and fade-off (Firmware updates required)
•    More users have access to Smart Actions
•    Kasa Cam customers with Plus and Premium subscriptions now have motion snapshots in push notifications and access to Video Summary


New Products:
•    We've added support for the Kasa Smart Wire-Free Camera (KC300) and the Kasa Smart Power Strip (KP303)

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any update on new firmware?

Tony, any update on firmware?  Thanks.

Can't change schedule times in app , when editing times minutes only show up in one column 1 to 9 can't put in any times over 9 minutes what up didn't do this for a long time  worked for years .

Reinstall the app on your smart phone. If you are still having the same issue, please create a thread with a screenshot of what you are seeing.

FWIW - the new firmware is released and you can now do  offsets !! Woot!

Still no firmware released. :(

Is this release limited to select users or areas in the world?

The new app version works great in OFFSETTING time for the mini plugs! Well done! I'll be hoping new firware for the wall switches is out soon. Thank you for this nice addition it was badly needed.

In latest iOS app v2.18.0, the ability to create a schedule on a Kasa Dimmer Switch seems to have a bug:  if you set a schedule to "Turn On - Use a Preset", and select any preset e.g. 50%, and then hit Save, it gives the error "invalid argument".  I am running the latest switch firmware, and the issue occurs every time I try to create a 


This only started happening when the latest iOS app v2.18.0 was released on 12/16, the prior app version worked fine when setting such a schedule.


Can anyone advise when this may be fixed?  Thank you in advance.


UPDATE:  I just loade the latest firmware 1.5.10 and also deleted and re-installed the Kasa iOS app, and I am still experiencing the same issue notd above.  Anybody have any ideas on this?

if you are having issues with  devices staying connected a velop router .. see this thread : 


Firmware updates RECEIVED today for WALL SWITCHES. Thank you very much!