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By Dimmu0764 2019-10-21 22:22:19

Can't find the place to add or remove sharing accounts for usb hard drive sharing.

I'm trying to find the place where I can add or remove a sharing account on my archer a2300. As of now, under "USB Settings" it shows "Account." From here it doesn't let me add or remove the two that
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By PeterP 2019-10-19 20:29:46

Unable to transfer to new service provider

I have a TP-Link TC-W7960 Cable Modem Router which used to be on an Xfinity network. I have moved, and my service is now provided by Spectrum. The router, for some reason, will not recognize internet
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By IrvSp 2019-10-15 15:30:26

Anyone using an Archer A20 with Firefox???

When I try to LOG into the GUI using Firefox on W10, Firefox will SAVE the credentials. I can use them after that, but they are not correct. These are the screen captures going to the GUI with the URL
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By Davelasvegas 2019-10-12 18:10:54


I can't connect to the router when I'm away from home I was able to about a month ago it's says can't connect to cloud try later any ideas
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By mamoof01 2019-10-13 02:05:37

tp-lnk homecare

Homecare does not permit a 'whitelist'. This is a crucial feature! The old parental controls included custom whitelisting. I hope we can look forward to an update with a more robust 'homecare', to inc
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By IrvSp 2019-10-14 16:44:17

A20 User's Guide errors????

I just was trying to find some information about Remote Access with Tether... I assumed it went out to the Cloud, found the A20 I had, and then allowed me to connect (it doesn't?)? So I started readin