A solution for devices turning on after power outages

Used Products:

Currently, users have the various controls and actions that can be created (Smart Actions) in the Kasa app. However, there may be instances where you would like the smart device to remain "off" when power is restored. The guide below utilizes SmartThings which will enable you to keep the device "off" and during specific times/days.


The device used in this example was an HS105.


Set up SmartThings with our Kasa app shown here: https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faq/2556/


You then need to "SmartApps" which has the program to have the plug turn off whenever it is on during a specific time. While having SmartThings opened tap on the top left menu, then select "SmartApps". Hit the "+" symbol, go down to "Smart Lighting", choose "New Lighting Automation", from there choose the plug. I then made the following settings (image to right is a continuation of the left image):




In the section of "Only during certain times" you can specify either sunrise/sunset or specific times. In the option section for "Only on certain days..." you can set which days you want the automation to perform.