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In this week's newsletter, we provided a survey for our Smart Home Users to leave their feedback. If you haven't already signed up for the Community Newsletter, you can learn how to do so here: Signing Up for The TP-Link Community Newsletter


These surveys are your opportunity to get directly involved with our team and provide feedback that can potentially shape the future of TP-Links products and brands. We plan to create similar feedback surveys focusing on the features and services throughout our Smart Home Products, so keep an eye out if you would like to provide input on these topics.


For this survey, we want to know what Smart Home Products you would like to see TP-Link add to our product line and what Services you would like to see potential support for in the future. Most of the feedback in the survey has been received through our forums. Smart Homes and User Needs are changing quickly, and TP-Link wants to ensure that we are always providing solutions to make your lives simpler and easier.

Please Fill Out the Survey in the Link Below to Give your Recommendations - Feel Free to Comment Below with any other product recommendations that may not fit the survey's format. We are excited to hear what you think the future of smart homes will be like.


Product Recommendation Survey


*This is purely for Community Feedback and Does Not Guarantee nor Indicate that a product is or will be under official consideration.