CES 2024 Smart Home Showcase: Products and Features

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One of the key focuses this year at CES was our line of Tapo products, whether it be the latest improvements made to Night Vision technology, the release of our new Doorbells, or the first look at the new Hub and Tapo for Pad – there were new features and new tech for everyone.

Smart Cameras 📷

At CES this year, TP-Link unveiled numerous Tapo cameras, including models with features not previously seen, such as Outdoor Smart Security Camera Kits with solar panels, or models with the latest ColorPro Night Vision.


Solar-Powered Outdoor Smart Cameras

Tapo C428 KIT – Smart ColorPro Night Vision Wire-Free Security Camera and Solar Panel

Tapo C620 KIT – Smart Wire-Free Pan/Tilt Security Camera and Solar Panel with Starlight Sensor

Tapo C425 KIT – Smart Wire-Free Security Camera and Solar Panel with Starlight Sensor

Tapo C402 KIT – Smart Wire-Free Security Camera and Solar Panel

Tapo C525WB KIT – Smart Outdoor Pan/Tilt Security camera with ColorPro and PoE


Video Doorbells and Door Locks

Tapo D130 – Wired Smart Video Doorbell  (Available Now)

Tapo D230S1 – Smart Battery Video Doorbell (Available Now)

Tapo DL130 – 2K 5MP Smart Video Door Lock With 7 Unlock Methods and Apple Home Compatibility


Indoor Smart Cameras

Tapo C220 – Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera with Complete Privacy Features

Tapo C840 – Pan/Tilt Smart AI Baby Monitor with 4MP + 2MP Dual-Lens Technology


Smart Plugs 🔌a360196fce6c4eacbe7dae39128c0d0d

At CES this year we announced three new Smart Plug offerings with various features such as Matter support, Apple Home compatibility, and Energy Monitoring.

Tapo P306 – 9-in-1 Smart Outlet Extender with Apple Home Support

Tapo P110 – Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring

Tapo P400M – Matter-enabled Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Plug

If you’re interested in Matter-enabled devices, make sure to check out our latest releases from Tapo and Kasa. We have already seen the release of a variety of matter-compatible devices such as smart plugs, in-wall switches, smart lights, and our Sub-GHz hubs


Smart Home Hub 🎛️

3218ae9d3253446bbebeb02e570a945bAt the core of the Tapo ecosystem lies the Smart HomeBase Tapo H500, a centralized control device compatible with Matter and ONVIF protocols. It comes with 16GB eMMC, expandable up to 16 TB via an extra HDD/SDD drive, delivering massive, secure local storage. Its AI technology recognizes human faces, people, pets and vehicles, effectively filtering invalid alerts for connected cameras.

With its capability to connect up to 16 cameras and 64 sensors, the Tapo H500 acts as a unified smart home control center for your home. Supporting connectivity for up to 16 cameras and up to 64 IoT devices, as well as Matter and ONVIF; all the while making your existing devices and cameras all the smarter.



Tapo for Pad App

Additionally, we teased the release of the new Tapo for Pad App (iOS and Android) – allowing you to effortlessly keep an eye on the devices and cameras throughout your entire home with a customizable floorplan. Watch live video from multiple cameras at the same time, customize your system settings, playback recorded motion events and more. Check out the Tapo H500 on our website here.

The H500 is a great way to incorporate our various Tapo Smart Sensors, which can be found here.


Robot Vacuums 🧹

TP-Link’s Tapo Robot Vacuum product line saw two new model announcements this year at CES.

Tapo RV20 Plus – MagSlim™ LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum + Smart Auto-Empty Dock

Tapo RV30 Plus – LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum & Mop + Smart Auto-Empty Dock


Have a Question?

If you have any questions about the features or announcements from CES, feel free to ask below. We will be working with our Product Team to best answer your questions on the devices' functionality and use.


With the smart home product and feature announcements from TP-Link at CES this year, your Smart Home can be smarter than ever, both indoors and out. Find our full CES 2024 product release list on our website here. You can expect to see a great deal many devices from both Tapo and Kasa release throughout the next year. Keep an eye out for new Kasa devices, such as the KS240 Fan and Dimmer Switch.


*CES is a Global Event, any Products Announced and marked "Coming Soon" are not guaranteed to be released in the United States, and specifications may differ from the final product. As the devices listed above would be new entries to the US market, there are especially no guarantees that the devices will release in the US this year.

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My tplink wifi adapter not recognised my lappy. what can I do?

Matter is adding support for WiFi Access Points in the upcoming 1.3 update to the specification.

I'd love to see a supported Router of yours that has a thread border router & Bluetooth combo module added in. Could call it a 'Smart Wi-Fi Router' or something 

Hey @Adpocalyptic,

Thanks for the information, I haven't had a chance to review the upcoming update. I am curious to see what kind of controls or features are offered for APs through Matter.


It may come as a surprise, but I believe that we have actually had routers with Zigbee and BT functionality—but this was a long time ago, before Matter or even Smart Homes were even a thought in people's heads.


Along with this, our teams are always looking at adding this type of functionality to our devices - particularly Decos. The Deco App has a Smart Home feature that just recently received support for operating as a Matter Controller, so we may hear more about how Matter may be implemented across Deco and other products soon. Out of curiosity, do you have any use for the Bluetooth Modules (such as having devices that communicate over BT), or is it meant more for provisioning of devices?

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Hey @shawnz @Corduroy34 @Shaunp77 

Thanks for the feedback, I've been working with our product teams to relay the feedback that we are continuing to see requests for three-way options. If you have not already, please provide your feedback in our latest Survey "What Matter Device Do You Want to See Next?"


As a heads-up, one of the main limiting factors that we have seen in relation to new devices supporting Matter is the limited support for devices/features across third-party implementations, along with the limits on what features are supported via the Matter Protocol. I am not sure if a 3-way switch is affected by this, but it may explain why we are not seeing one on the market yet.

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@Riley_S Yeah, its been pretty hard to get ahold of more information on it since every search result seems to be about the Thread 1.3 update (With an interesting idea about 'Thread-Over-Infrastructure') I assume it'd be for stats/network health & to restart when they get issues. I'm drawing a blank on what automations it could schedule though.


I did see mentions of a device like that when looking into the options available from TP-Link and I probably would've gotten it if it wasn't so old 😅 
As for the Bluetooth support I suppose it would be both? More so the commissioning requirements of Matter/Thread devices to have it. Perhaps it won't be just commissioning other devices, but also commissioning the access point itself. And who knows, could become handy with other use cases as all of these standards evolve.