【Guidance】How to find the correct forum to start a thread on the TP-Link Community

Released on: 2020-11-19

Welcome to TP-Link Community!

We notice that some users may have trouble finding the correct forum to Start a Thread, causing that some threads show up in the wrong forum with an unrelated model or without choosing a model number, which is not conducive to get your post noticed and answered.

Now I would show you how to find the correct forum to start a thread and provide you with a brief overview of the Forums. Hope this post could help.

1. How to start a thread on the community.

Here is the link for the TP-Link Community, https://community.tp-link.com/en

It's not hard to know that TP-Link Community can be divided into two parts: SOHO Community and SMB Community.

When we are on the home page of the community, see as below, we can search for something with keywords to find the related posts throughout the whole community. Alternatively, visit the SOHO Community or SMB Community by choosing For Home or For Business.


Select your community based on the TP-Link products you are concerned about.

1) Click For Home to visit the SOHO Community if you have some concerns about the TP-Link Home products.

Home products include Deco, Wireless Routers, Range Extenders, Powerline Adapters, Network Adapters, 3G/4G Routers, DSL Modem Routers and Smart Home Products (such as Kasa/Tapo cameras, Kasa smart switches), etc.

2) Click For Business to visit the SMB Community if you have some concerns about the TP-Link Business products.

Business products include Omada EAP products, Omada SDN solution, Pharos CPE/WBS, VPN Router, Load Balance Routers, Unmanaged Switches, Easy Smart Switches, Smart and Managed Switches, etc.

If you have no idea whether the TP-Link product belongs to a home product or a business product, here are the tips for you.

Search the specific model number from the TP-Link official website and check the product results.

Note: If you cannot find the model number of your TP-Link device, click here to have a check.

For example, TL-SG108E, search this model number from the site https://www.tp-link.com/en/support

From the search result, we can know that it's an Easy Smart Switches, belongs to Switches from the Business product.

So if you have concerns about the TL-SG108E switch, click For Business to visit the SMB Community.


To open a new thread or view the existing threads upon a specific product on the TP-Link Community, ensure you select the corresponding Forum to get started.

As shown above, we can search the product model number to know the product category, which could help to choose the correct Forum. 


2. Overview of SOHO Community (For Home).

The SOHO Community has multiple Forums options based on the product category.

Follow the link below to get more information about the SOHO Community.




3. Overview of the SMB Community (For Business)

Similarly, the SMB Community also has several options based on the product category.

The picture with notes below shows what is usually discussed in the corresponding forums.

Note that the "Switches & Routers" forum doesn't include the Kasa switches nor the SOHO WiFi Routers,

you may go for the SOHO Community to post your questions if you have Kasa devices or WiFi Routers.


Follow the link below to get more information about the SMB Community.