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I have a TL-WR1043N(EU) router and do not allow the 5Ghz mode for 300Mbps wifi. The hardware says it is capable of it, so how i can do it? It it a restriction only in EU ?. Must pay an extra for use 5Ghz?




The TL-WR1043N supports 2.4GHz only, it is a single band router. That is why you cannot detect the 5GHz network. 

Frequency 2.4-2.4835GHz


May I know where did you see that it is capable of 5GHz? Could you please show us a link? 



hola buenas noches,quise hacer un hilo pero la verdad no pude... Mi problema es q me compre una antena cpe-610 para obtener internet de maso menos 100 mts de mi casa,el problema es q no me deja conectar a la red wifi a la q quiero hacerlo,solo me deja con las redes libres ( osea sin contraseñas) a la q me quiero conectar muestra q agarra la señal pero no me da el internet,ojala me puedan ayudar,desde ya muchas gracias!



For the CPE610, please start a thread in our business community. 

I have a RE450  WiFi range extender.  Have set it up using Tether. Given it a password, but now can’t log into it. Also shows up as unsecured. Changed the password, same thing. Have I missed a step somewhere?



You need create an account to login to the Tether app, while the login password to access the RE450 is different, it is admin by default; you can hard reset it if it still does not work, and then refer to the instruction below to configure it.



Har koblet direkte fra router til Deco M5, og den starter.

Men den blå lampen står og blinker.  

Kommer ikke videre ......

Hi,I have tp-link AC600 Archer T2UH Dual Band but it's obviously only single band because I cannot connect to 5ghz over my android phone.I tried everything,drivers,changing all stuff in device manager,region numbers,reconnect,but it just cannot find 5ghz and 2,4 works without any prolem.My hardware supports 5ghz,I have latest updates for windows.Can you help me with this or I need to make a refund and take adapter from other manufacturer because oblviously I didn't get what I paid for.