How to start a thread on the community by verifying its model number and product category.

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Archer C7

We found that some customers have difficulty in getting the model number of their own device so that they failed to post a thread or no model number chosen in their thread now and then. This article we will show you how to get the model number and its product category to start a thread.

First, there are 2 terms you get confused mostly — here we list AC1750 and AV600 as example; Please notice that they are not the actual model number, instead, they are the wireless link speed and the Powerline link rate; the actual model number starts with Archer, TL-WPA/TL-PA. Like Archer C7, TL-WPA8630.

Once we get the correct model number, how do we post a thread to get some help? Below we list some common examples based on the current product categories.

For the whole home Wi-Fi system, it is related to the Deco series, like Deco M9 plus and Deco M5.

For the Wi-Fi router, the model number starts with TL-WRXXX, TL-WDRXXX and Archer CXX/AXxxx, like TL-WR841N, TL-WDR4300, Archer C7 and Archer AX6000.

For the DSL modem & routers, it starts with TD-W, Archer Dxx or Archer VRxxx, like TD-W9970, Archer D2, and Archer VR900 or Archer VR900v.

For the 3/4G routers & MIFI, the model begins with TL-MR, Archer MR and Mxxx, like TL-MR6400, Archer MR400, M7350.

For the Range Extender, it starts with TL-WAXXRE, REXXX, like TL-WA850RE or RE450.

For the Access Point, it starts with TL-WAXXND, or APxxx, like TL-WA901ND, or AP300.

For the Powerline Adapters, the model number begins with TL-WPA/TL-PAXX, like TL-WPA8630KIT or TL-PA8030PKIT.

For the Smart Switches, the model number is HS200, HS210 or HS220. The switch used to extend LAN ports like TL-SG1016D belongs to SOHO switches.

For the Adapters, it means the network adapter, like TL-WN725N, Archer T4U or Archer T9E.

Besides, you can click here to get more information.

Hope you guys have a better understanding now. Let’s enjoy the community together.






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I have a TL-WR1043N(EU) router and do not allow the 5Ghz mode for 300Mbps wifi. The hardware says it is capable of it, so how i can do it? It it a restriction only in EU ?. Must pay an extra for use 5Ghz?




The TL-WR1043N supports 2.4GHz only, it is a single band router. That is why you cannot detect the 5GHz network. 

Frequency 2.4-2.4835GHz


May I know where did you see that it is capable of 5GHz? Could you please show us a link? 



hola buenas noches,quise hacer un hilo pero la verdad no pude... Mi problema es q me compre una antena cpe-610 para obtener internet de maso menos 100 mts de mi casa,el problema es q no me deja conectar a la red wifi a la q quiero hacerlo,solo me deja con las redes libres ( osea sin contraseñas) a la q me quiero conectar muestra q agarra la señal pero no me da el internet,ojala me puedan ayudar,desde ya muchas gracias!



For the CPE610, please start a thread in our business community. 

I have a RE450  WiFi range extender.  Have set it up using Tether. Given it a password, but now can’t log into it. Also shows up as unsecured. Changed the password, same thing. Have I missed a step somewhere?



You need create an account to login to the Tether app, while the login password to access the RE450 is different, it is admin by default; you can hard reset it if it still does not work, and then refer to the instruction below to configure it.