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/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Brook 2020-10-16 03:18:47

Re:HS110 (End of Life)

@Helio2k Good day, Thank you for your time and patience. Sorry for the delay. I checked the HS110 on US, CA, UK,AU and global websites, only CA marked ‘end of life’; If you do not mind, please wait fo
/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By Solla-topee 2021-11-12 08:20:29

Re:Tapo P100 default status ON

Hello@Franrz Tapo P110 has this feature all the time since factory firmware.
/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By Solla-topee 2021-09-23 08:39:11

Re:Tapo P100 default status ON

Hello@JuSu, this feature is planned on Tapo P100 V1, but I'm not sure about the estimated date either. It is recommended to wait for further firmware update on Tapo APP, I will also update on below th
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By Solla-topee 2021-09-01 11:36:00

[Tapo Plug] Set Default State after Power Failure is Now Available (Tapo P100 V1.2 / P110)

What is NEW? We’ve heard from users like you about setting up the default state of the Tapo plug after power stores / a power failure. Thank you for the excellent idea and patience, now you could cust
Foros/ Kasa Enchufes inteligentes
By Os.fer00 2020-12-29 23:49:58

Enchufe hace pitido cuando esta conectado

Pues lo dicho en el enunciado, cuando el enchufe se conectaba la red y enciende al aparato hace un zumbido que es muy molesto. Cuando el aparato está apagado (el enchufe no le da corriente) no hace ni
Foros/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Franrz 2020-12-15 17:36:53

Continuous noise (high frequency). HS110EU V4

hello i have a new device an HS110EU V4; Firm 1.0.5. When connected it makes a high frecuency noise, which is continuous. It is only removed when the plug is activated, in stand-bye is always heard. I