WBS210 MIMO Antenna

WBS210 MIMO Antenna
WBS210 MIMO Antenna
2018-09-09 04:40:36

Good day to all,


I just wan to know what is recommended Antenna for WBS210?


TI-ANT5830MD 5GHz 30dBi 2x2 MIMO Dish Antenna is compatible with WBS210?


Thank you for the reply

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Re:WBS210 MIMO Antenna
2018-09-09 07:34:50
WBS210 is 2.4G product. If you need dish antenna, you should install with TL-ANT2424MD.
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Re:WBS210 MIMO Antenna
2018-09-20 05:00:25 - last edited 2018-09-20 05:04:35

hi i have two WBS510 with two TL-ANT5830MD and two WBS210 with two TL-ANT2424MD

what Gary Wen told you is true, you can't use a 5 GHZ antenna with a 2.4 GHZ unit

you need a 2.4 antenna

if you want the Dish that is design for the WBS210 then you need to buy TL-ANT2424MD


TL-ANT2415MS if you want a sector antenna

it all depens if you want to send or recieve 

while one might have longer range, like it can reach farther front in a staright line

the other one is a bit shorter at distance but it cover more around area

this is known like line of sight and bean width


if you want the unit indoor or you are not going to send or recive from far

the you can use a regular MIMO antenna, keep in mind the smaller the antenna the less powerful the signal strenght


you can also use a regular 2.4 non MIMO antenna and it will work just fine but of course without MIMO capabilities


while i was waiting for my two TL-ANT2424MD to arrive from the other side of planet earth

i did used the MIMO antennas from this router 




and it worked perfectly fine with MIMO support and a fair range

but i do not recommend using the WBS unit out doors with those antennas because water can get inside the unit

you can use tape but i will only recommend that option either, is just too risky

if you are going to use the unit indoors then you can use those kind of antennas with the unit

so you have a few choices

hope this help in some way