TL-SL2428WEB Linking ??

TL-SL2428WEB Linking ??
TL-SL2428WEB Linking ??
2013-01-19 05:32:54
Region : Denmark

Model : TL-SL2428WEB

Hardware Version : Not Clear

Firmware Version :



I'm in the progress of planning a network that will feed 278 appartments with internet in 12 buildings

It will have one central gigabit connection to the internet and 12 TL-SL2428WEB switches, one at each building.

My plan was to take a fiber optic from the starting point and then loop it to the first switch on SFP1 and then from SFP2 to the next switch...

each port on each switch will have port based VLAN so that no one should be able to peak on the guy next door.

at the internet start point i yet have to find a suitable router, its simply to hard to find a router that truly can handle 1 gigabit... the best i could find was 800 Mbits throughput... what are the options? would i be better of building a linux pc with 2 NIC's and let that work as a router?

i read the manual for the switch and there was no description on how to "stack" them like i described above... i know its not real stacking but fiber beeing 2 gigabit and only working at 1 gigabit this way is fine with me since the internet is only 1 giga... what i'm after is not having any where in the network that is working less than 1 gigabit

of course each appartmen is only going to get 100 mbit but that would be fine.

am i total off track here?
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Re:TL-SL2428WEB Linking ??
2013-12-04 11:29:57
Don't know what you really want...:confused: