CPE210 Authentication Failure

CPE210 Authentication Failure
CPE210 Authentication Failure
2015-05-08 13:03:11
Region : Greece

Model : CPE210

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :



I have the following problem when I install a wirelles network for a hotel.

I use 5 Access Points (all are models CPE210) to cover the outside area and the beach. I have make the settings of the access points in my lab
(under a TP-LINK router) and all works fine. The access points does not have DHCP (only the router have DHCP from and for 100),
all the access points IP's are from to, and they have different SSIDs (from HTSUN1 to HTSUN5). In all access points I
have secutiy mode WPA/PSK (with all the choices in auto) and the same passphrase.
When I test the access points in my lab I can connect from two different android phones (one Samsung and one no name from china). When i put the access points in the
hotel under a Zyxel router (with same IP and DHCP server like the one router in the lab) when i try to connect to the access points from the same two
android phones I get an Authentication Failure error. I have reset the Router and the one access point and make the settings from scratch but I get the
same error.

Any ideas if there is some incompatibility with Zyxel? (from the Zyxel router 2 DLINK access point are working fine and give internet access without problems).

Thanks in advanced.
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Re:CPE210 Authentication Failure
2015-08-26 20:21:50
Try to make WPA2-PSK with AES encryption
no Automatic.