T1600G-28PS fan question

T1600G-28PS fan question
T1600G-28PS fan question
2016-05-11 03:17:40
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I'm interested in picking up a T1600G-28PS as it has POE (compared to the T1600G-28TS which does not) but the switch will be in a fairly public area and I'm a bit concerned around the potential fan noise the 28PS introduces (the 28TS is fanless).
I fired off e-mails to sales and support but never got beyond a "we'll get back to you".

My questions are:

-Are the
T1600G-28PS fans only on when the internal switch or ambient temperature would require cooling or are they always on?

-Are the fans variable speed (indicating they'd only run as fast/loud as the situation requires)?

-How loud are the fans (dB)?

As an FYI, if the fans for the 28PS are a problem (for me), I'll likely just go with the 28TS and an add-on to add POE inline; I was simply trying to avoid additional cabling/complexity if I could.
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Re:T1600G-28PS fan question
2016-05-27 09:29:01
Hi Fraschetti, as for how the fans work, there are may different types as you mentioned. But there are mainly two kinds: 1) operate as the constant rotate speed 2) adjust the rotate speed according the temperature based on some sensors or the power output. Generally, if the speed can be adjusted, it should have a biggest noise at the initialization period.

And as for the dB of the loud, it varies using different test methods and test in different positions, and it can be effected by the load and many other factors. I got some data just for your reference:
High Speed Top 1cm 65.5742dB; Low Speed Top 1cm 51.8499dB;
High Speed Top 80cm 55.1971dB; Low Speed Top 80cm 42.8309dB;
note: Top 1cm means is 1cm higher above the device.