【Q & A】Interface and Device Management

Released On: 2018-08-06 06:29:12Last update time: 2018-08-06 09:28:25

We hope the following FAQs can help you clearly know some basic concepts of interface and device management. 

Click FAQ: Interface and Device Management can get the answers  of the questions below. If you cannot find what you’re looking for or want to get more knowledge,  please leave your questions in the thread.


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enlightened What Will Happen if a Link Fails in the Stack System?


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enlightened How Do I View the Connection Status of the Ethernet Cable?


enlightened How Do I Use SNMP to View the CPU and Memory Utilization?


enlightened What Is the Difference between Log Buffer and Log File?


enlightened​​​​​​​ Are All the Logs Recorded in the Log Buffer?


enlightened​​​​​​​ How Do I Back up the Log File? 


enlightened​​​​​​​ How Do I Enable PoE Function? What Can I Do if Two Connected RJ45 Ports Cannot be Up?


enlightened​​​​​​​ What Can I Do if Two Connected SFP Ports Cannot be Up?


enlightened​​​​​​​ How Do I Identify A Combo Port?


enlightened​​​​​​​ How Does A Combo Port Work? 


enlightened​​​​​​​ What Principles Should be Followed When Choosing the Speed and Duplex Mode?


enlightened​​​​​​​ Can the Switch Forward the PAUSE Frame?


enlightened​​​​​​​ What Is the MTU of an Ethernet Port?


enlightened How Do I Assign an IP Address to a Physical Port ?


enlightened How Do I Use Port Isolation to Limit A Port’s Communication to Only Specific Ports on the Same Switch?