【Q & A】Ethernet Switching

Released On: 2018-08-06 06:52:53Last update time: 2018-08-06 09:31:10

We hope the following FAQs can help you clearly know some basic concepts of Ethernet Switching. 

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enlightened How Do I Create VLANs in a Batch?


enlightened How Do I Decide the Link Type of a Port When Configuring VLANs?


enlightened How Do I Add Ports to a VLAN in a Batch?


enlightened How Do I Quickly View the Link Types and Default VLANs of All Ports?


enlightened How Do I Delete a Single VLAN or VLANs in a Batch? 


enlightened How Do I Implement the Communication Among Different VLANs?


enlightened How Many VLANs Does the Switch Support? 


enlightened Does the Switch Support VLAN-VPN (QinQ)?


enlightened What is the Difference Between Basic VLAN-VPN and Flexible VLAN-VPN (VLAN Mapping)?


enlightened How Does a Port with VLAN-VPN (QinQ) Enabled Process a Packet?


enlightened What are the Causes of VLAN-VPN (QinQ) Traffic Forwarding Failures? 


enlightened Which Tag Does the TPID Configured by the dot1q-tunnel tpid Command Match?


enlightened Which VLAN Does the Port Enabled with VLAN-VPN (QinQ) Obtain Through MAC Address Learning?


enlightened Why Do Some Configurations Fail After the Port Joins a Link Aggregation Group (LAG)?


enlightened How to Configure Load Balancing in a Link Aggregation Group (LAG)?


enlightened Why Does the Bandwidth Not Increase After Link Aggregation Group (LAG) is Configured? 


enlightened How Many Member Ports Does a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) of the Switch Support?


enlightened Are TP-Link Switches’ STP Function Compatible with a Non-TP-Link Device’s?


enlightened Why Can’t the Switch Learn a MAC Address? 


enlightened How Do I Detect Loops on the Network?


enlightened In Which Scenario Can I Use Loopback Detection Function? 


enlightened Can the Switch be Configured Not to Block the Port After Detecting Loops? 







I'm having problems with switches and their ports being blocked. Running Omada system with OC200 connected to SG2428p and a SG2210P connected to the main switch. Over night the 2210 was blocked multiple times, it has CCTV cameras, access control screen, Sky Booster and EAP 235 plugged in with no problem from these devices. Please see screen shot, there are more alertbut this gives an idea of the problem  Ant thoughts would be helpful.