Configuration Guide for VPN

Released On: 2018-08-06 08:03:03Last update time: 2022-09-15 06:43:48

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network established via the public network, generally via the Internet. However, the private network is a logical network without any physical network lines, so it is called Virtual Private Network.


With the wide application of the Internet, more and more data are needed to be shared through the Internet. Connecting the local network to the Internet directly, though can allow the data exchange, will cause the private data to be exposed to all the users on the Internet. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is developed and used to establish the private network through the public network, which can guarantee a secured data exchange.


VPN adopts the tunneling technology to establish a private connection between two endpoints. It is a connection secured by encrypting the data and using point-to-point authentication. As the packets are encapsulated and de-encapsulated in the Router, the tunneling topology implemented by encapsulating packets is transparent to users.


enlightened For how to configure VPN on TL-ER6120 v1, TL-ER6020 v1, TL-R600VPN v3 or below, please refer to Configuration Guide for VPN_TL-ER6120 v1&TL-ER6020 v1&TL-R600VPN v3.


enlightened For how to configure VPN on TL-ER6120 v2, TL-ER6020 v2, TL-R600VPN v4, please refer to  Configuration Guide for VPN_TL-ER6120 v2&TL-ER6020 v2 &TL-R600VPN v4.